Sunday, February 1, 2009


". . . This is an exciting time to be alive. Although our world is an uncertain and changing environment, it is also full of possibilities and there is a certain sense of adventure in the journey.

There are two possible responses you can make to a changing world.

First, you can be tossed to and fro wherever the waves of change take you. If you follow that course, you will be miserable, helpless and ineffective.

Alternatively, you can embrace the changes that happen, ride the waves of uncertainty, and drive further changes yourself. Following that course will lead you to continue achieving, learning and improving.

Most progress has come from people who were not content to accept the status quo, but were driven by a desire to improve things.

Change is hard, but stagnation is fatal!"

~ Prof Rob Hyndman, in his Graduation Address of 25th October 2007 at University of Monash, Australia;

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