Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I have found this awesome book entitled 'Journal to the Self: Twenty-Two Paths to Personal Growth - Open the Door to Self-Understanding by Writing, Reading, & Creating a Journal of Your Life', by Kathleen Adams, in a second-hand bookstore.

After reading it, it reminds me of another awesome book, which has nothing to do with journaling.

That book was 'Summarisation in any Subject: 50 techniques to Improve Student Learning', by Rick Wormeli.

I already know how to summarize, & am proud to say that I am pretty good at it, too, but I didn't know there are 50 great ways to do it.

Likewise, I already know how to write a journal [in actuality, I call mine an 'ideas scratchpad', which also doubles up as my daily journal], & am proud to say that I am pretty good at it, too, but I didn't know there are thirteen great ways to do it.

So, in a nut shell, & for me, the most awesome part of the book is the 'Journaling Toolbox', comprising thirteen tools:

1) Springboards;
2) Character Sketches;
3) Clustering;
4) Captured Moments;
5) Dialog;
6) Lists;
7) Streams of Consciousness (or Meditative Writing);
8) Stepping Stones;
9) Time Capsule;
10) Topics du jour;
11) Unsent Letters;
12) Perspectives;
13) Dreams & Imagery;

I still haven't yet figured out why the book has listed twenty-two pathways. Nonetheless, I am really happy with the "turnout".

For me, I approach journaling [or 'ideas scratchpadding', in my lingo] more from the standpoint of exploring possibilities.

That's to say, journaling keeps me awake & alert to all kinds of possibilities, so to speak, to paraphrase idea guru Doug Hall, who once said:

"I like thinking of possibilities. At any time, an entirely new possibility is liable to come along & spin you off in an entirely new direction. The trick, I've learned, is to be awake to the moment."

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