Friday, March 12, 2010


What follows below is actually an effective video-based learning strategy, which I have recently shared with a blog reader, Elliot. He has approached me via email for expert assistance in helping him to be a better learner.

I thought it would be useful for my other blog readers.

For video-based learning, I like to recommend you to try the following adapted K-W-L reading comprehension strategy. K-W-L was originally developed in the United States to help kids navigate their reading journey through books.

Let's call it K-W-L-H-W.

Take out a blank sheet of paper. Turn it horizontally. Draw 5 vertical columns, as follows:

From left, Column 1, write: what do I KNOW about the subject?

Column 2: what do I WANT TO LEARN/find out about the subject?

Column 3: what have I LEARNED so far?

Column 4: HOW can I apply it?

Column 5: WHAT ELSE do I need to learn/find out?

My comments:

Column 1 is for activating your prior knowledge; learning takes place when you are able to connect something new to something you already know;

Column 2 is for you to organise your learning pursuits, which you can get an idea from the brief synopsis appended to the video;

Column 3 is for you to capture & review what you have learned;

Column 4 is for you to make use of the learned information & to think of possible applications;

Column 5 is for you to identify what else is needed, probably in terms of further research, to complete your learning pursuits; it's also for any questions or lingering thoughts that may come to your mind;

By putting the foregoing methodology to work consistently, you are taking a proactive as well as an active approach in your learning pursuits. You are in fact also taking a deep interest in your learning pursuits.

Interest permeates all learning!

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