Wednesday, March 10, 2010


1. Information must be Understandable, or it’s just Data;

2. Understanding is Power;

3. Success comes from Understanding Failure;

4. Clarity leads to Real Change;

5. Learning is Remembering What Interests You;

6. Make Connections between Your Interests;

7. To Understand Something, Empty Your Preconceptions;

8. Sell Your Ignorance: Sell Your Curiosity;

9. Design Your Life to ensure that Everyday is Interesting;

10. Leadership is Having an Idea and Explaining it Clearly;

[Source: Salum International]

[Richard Saul Wurman is one of my favourite authors. Among his many books, I have owned & read his 'Follow the Yellow Brick Road: Learning to Give, Take, & Use Instructions', 'Information Anxiety', 'Information Anxiety II', 'Information Architects' & 'Information Design'.

Readers can go to this link to read my review of 'Information Anxiety I & II'.

Much of my personal understanding about information mastery or rather surviving information overload came from his books.]

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