Sunday, April 25, 2010

"Everybody wants to be the tough guy, but nobody wants to pay the price."

I love to watch international action star Steven Seagal in the movies.

As he has been highly-trained as a martial artist [he holds a 7th Dan in Aikido], his movies often gave him many opportunities to show off his physical prowess & pugilistic skills.

He first caught my personal attention with his debut movie, 'Above the Law', during the late eighties, followed by 'Hard to Kill', 'Marked for Death', 'Out for Justice', 'Siege' & its sequel, 'Siege 2', in the early nineties, which were all very entertaining, with reasonably good story plots, too.

Others along the way included: 'The 'Glimmer Man', 'Exit Wounds', 'Half Past Dead', 'Out for a Kill' & 'Into the Sun'.

He even had a small role as a US Navy Seal team leader in 'Executive Decision'. [The only movie he had died.]

For me, they were all entertaining nonetheless.

Two of his movies, 'On Deadly Ground' & 'Fire Down Below', surprisingly even showed the apparently soft side of him, especially his open support for eco-sustainability.

However, the other movies of his, especially those in recent years, e.g. 'Attack Force', were somewhat disappointing, partly because he had grown fat, haggard-looking, & had also used stunt doubles in the action sequences. Strangely, even his voice was dubbed.

I was quite surprised that, after watching, one of his most recent movies, 'Driven to Kill' [designated as 'Ruslan' on StarHub cable television last night] was not too bad.

In the movie, he played a New-York-based-Russian mobster-turned-crime novelist, Ruslan Drachev [he really looked comical working on the computer], who had to return to his past to settle some scores with the bad guys, when his family members were threatened. Naturally, high-octane mayhem ensued when he went into gun-blazing action, which left no enemy standing.

That's what I like about watching his movies, some of which, I must admit, are pure no-brainers!

Who cares... especially when I could be entertained for 1-1/2 hours of downtime & picked up something worthwhile along the way.

Hence, the foregoing memorable quote which came from the movie.

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