Wednesday, April 14, 2010

"Life is all about flow. So find your rhythm, & you are then beyond unstoppable."

A memorable quote - a vital piece of advice from father to son - from the entertaining martial-arts action movie, 'The Fifth Commandment'.

The movie story:

An orphaned boy was brought up by an aged master, Chase Templeton (played by Keith David; last saw him in 'Behind Enemy Lines: Columbia';) to learn the trade of contract killing.

Now a man, Chance (played by Rick Yune; last saw him in 'Die Another Day' & 'The Fast & The Furious') found himself being hunted down by the killer of his parents for interfering in his plans to assassinate a struggling pop star.

Chance somehow shared a close bond with his adopted brother, Miles (played by Bokeem Woodbine; last saw him in 'Sniper 2';), who had elected a more honorable path working as a bodyguard for the pop star.

When Chance was contracted to gun down his brother's client, he realized there was finally a line he could not cross.

Uniting with his brother to stave off an expected hit, Chance had to use his wits & skills to deal with the other elite members of his own profession.

The movie setting: the steamy backdrop of Bangkok.

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