Friday, April 9, 2010


"... Many an organization have been trying to “formulize” the innovation process; which is fine at the execution level because by that point we usually know what we are doing and what we are going after.

But at the fuzzy front-end, where value inception occurs, the only formula that has proven to obtain is that of serendipity – which can’t be created; it can only occur...

... In any case, the question is: how do we do that in a financially-profitable manner on a consistent basis?

The answer from my humble point of view is in encouraging serendipity...

... The Eureka moments that accentuate the genesis of a good idea rarely embody the entire execution; in fact, it is the exception that proves the rule.

Most ideas come to life from one individual as a kernel and then get shaped, augmented and matured with the help of others. The diversity that other participants bring to this alchemy is the secret ingredient – experiences, expertise and different perspectives (be they, social, professional, cultural – or all) are the “differentiators" that make an idea unique!

These steps are the necessary elements that convert an inert idea into an actionable innovation..."

~ Andre Laurin, founder & CEO of BrainBank (an innovation consulting outfit), writing in his blogpost, 'Building Your Version of the Peanut Butter Cup™ - a study in the Innovation Process', under the 'Idea & Innovation' webblog;

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