Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Recently, I rewatched two sci-fi fantasy movies, namely, 'Westworld', starring Yul Brynner, & 'Terminator', starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, on StarHub cable television.

'Westworld' dated back to the early seventies, while 'Terminator' dated back to the early eighties or so - approx. ten years apart.

A quick one:

'Westworld': Two good buddies (played by Richard Benjamin & James Brolin) went to visit a futuristic amusement park called 'Delos'.

The park was divided into 3 zones: 'WesternWorld', 'MedievelWorld' & 'RomanWorld', with live entertainment to allow guests to fulfill their wildest dreams of going back to history, while interacting with humanised robots, which were programmed to serve for... romance... sex... violence... & in fact, anything.

The two buddies went for 'WesternWorld', where one of the main attractions was the 'Gunslinger' (played by Yul Brynner - quite refreshing to watch him playing a bad guy), a humanised robot specially programmed to go for gun duels. Amusingly, humans could always outdraw the 'Gunslinger' & kill it.

However, one particular day, something went wrong with the programming of all the humanised robots. The 'Gunslinger' went berserk, & became the menacing predator on the hunt for the two.

The rest of the movie centred on the survival run of the two buddies, as well as others, in the park.

'Terminator': A cyborg from the future - 2029 - was sent by machine masters known as Skynet to earth to kill the young unsuspecting mother, Sarah (played by Linda Hamilton) of the resistance leader of the last remaining humans, John Connor.

By doing so, Skynet thought that it could reshape the future by changing the past.

To their dismay, the resistance group also sent one of their best soldiers, Kyle (played by Michael Biehn), to earth to intercept the machine.

The rest of the movie centred on the ferocious battle between man & machine, with the young mother caught unwittingly (or drawn by fate?) in between.

After rewatching them, it suddenly dawned on me that the humanised robot in the form of the 'Gunslinger' character in 'Westworld' was actually the precursor to the intelligent cyborg in 'Terminator'.

Both had the same singular obsessive determination: to kill... with No Pity, No Pain, & No Fear!

Well, I am not too sure whether James Cameron was indeed influenced by 'Westworld', while creating the almost indestructible character in 'Terminator'.

But, one thing I am very sure of is that 'Ideas Build on Ideas'.

Nonetheless, I have thoroughly enjoyed rewatching the two sci-fi movies.

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