Wednesday, May 12, 2010

"Never mistake motion for action!": LESSONS FROM ERNEST HEMINGWAY

I have found some interesting lessons from Ernest Hemingway.

I have always regarded him as a great & prolific writer, but never would have expected him to be a productivity guru, so to speak, until I have "strayed" into the Bacharach leadership weblog.

In a nut shell, here are the seven productivity tips from the Nobel laureate:

1. Don’t Waste Words and Be Clear;

2. Make a Schedule;

3. Quit While You’re Ahead;

4. Keep Your Mouth Shut;

5. Don’t Give Up;

6. Work Standing Up;

7. Lastly, my favourite “Never mistake motion for action”;

The crux: Leaders have to remember that productivity is about action & getting things done i.e. making movements into achievements – & not running around in circles.

You can go to this link for the entire blogpost.

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