Tuesday, May 25, 2010


"I wrote this book so that you might be spared. Not from having to learn the lessons I had to learn. No one can spare you that, because learning is experiential, & you have to do it yourself. As
a wise person once told me: If I could spare you the pain you're experiencing, I wouldn't - because I wouldn't want to deprive you of the strength & wisdom you'll gain from having gone through it & come out the other side.

Each & everyone of you is a powerful, resilient human being capable of living the life you design for yourself. I wish all of you the faith & the courage to pinpoint your passion."
~ Maria Shriver, mother (of four kids), wife (of Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger), daughter (of the famous Kennedy family), sister, friend, Peabody Award & Emmy Award winning journalist, New York Times' best selling author...(the foregoing insights came from her book, 'Ten Things I Wish I'd Know Before I Went into the Real World');

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