Thursday, May 27, 2010


"Financial freedom is not guaranteed simply by having lots of money. What is required is a clear understanding of oneself and one's true purpose, coupled with the knowledge of how to build a firm financial structure. Then, even if circumstances force you to leave everything else behind, you will always be able to start over and quickly produce new wealth. Your freedom resides in you, and not in the money."

- Fredric Lehrman, Director of Nomad University & author of 'Prosperity Consciousness';

The basic concept of the Nomad University is fascinating. For me, I interpret it as self-directed, life-long learning.

Nonetheless, here are the annotations according to the director:

- Education should be for discovery, not for approval.

- To learn what you don't know, you must be willing to go into the unknown.

- Nomads are people who know how to move with the seasons to find good grounds for their flocks: they extend hospitalities to others whom they meet on their way; they are able to carry with them everything they really need.

- Nomad University is your class reunion from the future.

- While traveling, let the destination come to you.

- What you hold onto controls you.

- Travel light. Respect every object.

- Personal power = certainty + relaxation.

- Awareness = (Perception + Intention + Reflection) X Mobility

- Always leave room for emptiness.

- Your credentials are in the mirror.


- The way of the nomad is to go fearlessly into the intensity of the always new.

- Always have your tent open to the universe.

- You were born to venture forth.

- All permanent structures are petrified tents.

- Every moment is always happening.

- There are no strangers. Nomads never say goodbye.

- You are the road to yourself. To become a genius, follow your quirks.

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