Friday, May 14, 2010


According to Tony Galliano, known as the '60 second strategist', the following areas are critical in determining what exactly is needed to create long term value to both yourself and the organization around you:

1. Eliminate distractions:

Eliminate unnecessary distractions and be able to focus on long term objectives without letting daily activities interfere with the “Big Picture”

2. Lock in on target:

Set specific goals for each area of business and life. Without direction, you are
relying on dumb luck to drive your success.

3. Get smart:

Educate yourself about your business your goals and your projects. Ignorance is the
cause of many failures. All the intelligence and motivation in the world is useless
without the proper facts.

4. Analyze and Forecast:

Analyze the situation around you, and consistently forecast the future of your external and internal environment.

5. Set your Plan:

Set your plan by detailing specific action steps that clearly lead to your objectives.

And most importantly…

6. Get it done!

Getting is done is the hardest part of all… some of the biggest plans are never
successful because they are never implemented.

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