Monday, May 24, 2010


I have stumbled upon the following intriguing questions as part of concerted "mapping exercises" to help me find, start & sustain Great Work ~ the work that engages & challenges me, that has a real impact, that plays to my strengths — & that really matters:

1) Where are you now?
(Map current mix of bad, good and great work. Assess)

2) What's Great?
(Recall peak moments. Assess)

3) What are you like at your best?
(Recall emotions at peak moments. Map "I am this...not that")

4) Who's great?
(Think of role models that are inspiring and assess why. Choose characteristic. Emulate & Visualize)

5) What's Calling You?
(Scan landscape for great opportunities. Analyze. What surprised you? Inspired you?)

6) What's Broken?
(Map aggravations that "erode the quality of our lives." Assess. What can you change)

7) What's Required?
(Map all the work you do on daily or weekly basis into one of 4 quadrants:

a) They Care/You Care (Sweet spot/Do more-convert from good to great work)
(b) They Care/I don't care. (Stop doing),
(c) I Don't Care/They Care (Must do - delegate or be more efficient-embrace adequacy."
(d) You Care/They Don't Care (Do it Elsewhere; do it undercover; re-label it)

8) What's the Best Choice?
(Map your options. Rate/rank the options.

9) What's Possible?
(Map creative new ideas and explore what can be converted to great work)

10) What's the Right Ending?
(Explore different ways forward - What can be, what's changed, new outcome)

11) How Courageous are You?
(Map safe to impossible methods to do more great work)

12) What Will you do?

(a) what is easiest to do,
(b) what would have the greatest impact,
(c) what do you want to do,
(d) what Will you do)

13) What Support Do You Need?
(Map people who have influence, skills, or love you)

14) What's the Next Step?
(Map what you will do, by when, what's the first step, what accountability do you need - then analyze)

15) Lost Your Great Work Mojo?
(Revert back to steps 1-14 and assess)

[Source: 'Do More Great Work: Stop the Busywork. Start the Work That Matters', by Michael Bungay Stanier;]

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