Monday, June 14, 2010


Last Monday, my Polytechnic buddy, David, invited me to join him in a morning walk through the Southern Ridges of the island.

Together with his wife, Jenny, we started off from Car Park D on Mount Faber Park, at about 7.30am, & walked leisurely all the way via Telok Blangah Hill to the Kent Ridge Park, from where we then back-tracked to the starting point.

When we started off, there was cool breeze, because it appeared that rain would greet us, judging from the dark cloudy sky.

By the time we had returned to the starting point, it was just after 11am. The weather turned out to be quite sunny.

I estimated that the entire walking distance we had covered at 10-12km, with the following "itinerary" [please refer to the above map]:

- Faber Trail (1 km stretch through the Mount Faber Park);

- Henderson Waves (a really spectacular 300 m long pedestrian bridge, with its distinctive wave-like structure, rising some 12 storeys above Henderson Road);

- Hilltop Walk (1 km stretch through Telok Blangah Hill Park, connecting one end with Henderson Waves & the other with Forest Walk);

- Forest Walk (an elevated walkway of about 1.3km, through Telok Blangah Hill, linking to the Alexandra Arch);

- Alexandra Arch (a fascinating 80 m long bridge, with its unique tilting steel/granite structure resembling an open fig leaf, connecting Alexandra Road & Hydrabad Road);

- Floral Walk & HortPark (a beautiful hotspot of floral diversity, with some twenty creatively themed gardens, comprising about half the size of Botanical Gardens);

- Canopy Walk (a 300 m stretch linking Kent Ridge Park to the museum known as Reflections at Bukit Chandu);

According to the National Parks Board (NPB), the entire walking distance through the chain of hills on the Southern Ridges, with a total of eight trail paths, is estimated at 9km, one way.

Besides walking leisurely through Mother Nature, & enjoying the views of shrubs & trees as well as the smell of flowers, breath-taking panaromic views - of the city, the harbour & the Southern Ridges - greeted us at strategic points along the way.

Reflecting on the walking & viewing experience, I must accord kudos to the trail planners at the NPB & URA.

I am glad to read that there are upcoming plans to link the Southern Ridges to the Keppel Waterfront with park connector from Alexandra Arch to Labrador Park.

My digital snapshots of the many panaromic views of the city, the harbour & the Southern Ridges will follow in the Next Post.

Interested readers can go to the following websites for more detailed information:

- National Parks Board (NPB);

- Urban Renewal Authority (URA);

[Source of Information, Maps & Photos in this post: National Parks Board]

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