Monday, June 21, 2010

MORE TIME TO READ MORE BOOKS, from Steve Leveen of Levenger

Here's are some wonderful suggestions - though belated - about leading a well-read life from Steve Leveen, founder & CEO of Levenger: Tools for Serious Readers.

No. 1: Read at least one book electronically

No. 2: Make your personal library of favorite books virtual by uploading your titles into one of the social networking sites for booklovers

No. 3: Interact with readers online

No. 4: Make at least one an audiobook

No. 5: Relish the reverse boovie: Watch the movie first, and then read the book. ier-than-air flying machines.

No. 6: Visit a library and take prisoners

No. 7: Visit a bookstore and take note of a changing landscape

No. 8: Read a book with a friend

No. 9: Read a book aloud to a loved one, or have them read to you

You go to this link to read the original blogpost from which the foregoing has been extracted. You can also refer to my earlier blogpost.

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