Saturday, June 26, 2010


"... I can see now how every successful start-up business is one that has quickly & correctly answered two very simple questions:

1) what is the most effective way of attracting customers?

2) what is the best way to keep these customers buying from you?

When problems arise - no matter what they are - the solutions must add one or both of two objectives:

1) lowering the cost of acquiring new customers;

2) increasing the lifetime value of each existing customer;

Even the stickiest problems in business - which are always people problems - can be analysed effectively by considering possible outcomes against these objectives... "

~ from the book, 'Automatic Wealth: The Six Steps to Financial Independence', by business builder Michael Masterson;

[In a nut shell, his six steps, which require hard work & diligent efforts, are as follows:

1) Face the Facts — know what you need to do to put yourself on a path that will allow you to live well & retire comfortably;

2) Plan to Become Wealthy;

3) Develop Wealthy Habits;

4) Radically Increase Your Income via real estate, investing & othe rproven financial vehicles;

5) Get Richer While You Sleep via a steady stream of residual & passive income that will automatically flow into your pocket;

6) Retire Early;

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