Thursday, July 8, 2010


The following is my immediate takeaway:

1) SYSTEM THINKING: seeing & understanding the big picture;

2) LINEAR THINKING: seeing & understanding each discrete part of the big picture & being able to close in on specific tasks & execute them;

3) CONTINUOUS THINKING: having visionary skills; the ability to anticipate problems & opportunities; be prepared for them & react quickly;

4) SYNTHESISING: practice of sorting & prioritising salient information from data;

5) AWARENESS OF INFORMATION GAPS & VOIDS: being constantly aware of where your information voids lie & respond appropriately by learning more, turning to others for help, or both;

6) COMMUNICATION: ability to communicate with either dialogue or discussion;

7) EMPATHY: ability to discern & identify with what others are thinking & feeling;

[Source: 'The Adversity Paradox: An Unconventional Guide to Achieving Uncommon Business Success', by J Barry Griswell; & Bob Jennings; the authors' brilliant 'Business Savvy Framework', illustrating the components of human capital in alignment with the core competencies, is also a fascinating piece of work;]

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