Saturday, July 31, 2010


I have stumbled upon a fascinating article, which shares 8 characteristics of a 21st century educator.

Here they are:

1) Adaptor:

- able to adapt the curriculum & its requirements to teach using digital tools;

- able to adapt software and hardware designed for a business model into tools
suitable for education and specifically for a variety of age groups and abilities;

- able to adapt to a dynamic teaching experience;

- able to understand & apply different learning styles: able to adapt their teaching style to be inclusive of different modes of learning;

2) Visionary:

- can look at other people's ideas & approaches and see how they would use these in his or her classes;

- can also look across the disciplines & through the curricula & make links that reinforce & value learning in other areas & leverage other fields to reinforce student learning;

- accept that imagination & adaptability are the key, crucial components of the visionary educator of today and tomorrow;

- can see the potential in the emerging tools & web technologies, & then grasp & manipulate them to serve student needs;

3) Collaborator:

- able to leverage collaborative tools like Ning, Blogger, Twitter, Wikispaces, Bebo, MSN, MySpace, Second life – to enhance & captivate learners;

- adept at sharing, contributing, adapting and inventing;

- adept at shaping conversation, refocusing discussion & leading by example;

4) Risk Taker:

- can take risks & is prepared to tap into students’ knowledge of technology;

5) Learner:

- embrace life-long learning;

- continue to absorb experiences& knowledge and stay current;

- adapt, change & learn as the horizons & landscape changes;

6) Communicator:

- fluent in tools & technologies that enable communication & collaboration;

- also know how to facilitate communication, stimulate & control it, moderate & manage it.

7) Model:

- can model the behaviors they expect from students;

- can also model reflective practice; whether it's the quiet, personal inspection of their teaching & learning, or through reflective practice via blogs, Twitter & other media;

- model a number of other characteristics, not necessarily associated with integration of technologies or the curriculum, but which are of equal importance. They model:

• tolerance & respect
• acceptance
• a wider view than just their curricula areas
• global awareness
• reflection
• human values

8) Leader:

- lead by example;

By the way, here's the link to the original article.

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