Thursday, July 22, 2010


Here's the link to an interesting quiz that roughly measures your success profile against the 'Seventeen Principles of Personal Achievement' - more popularly known as the 'Law of Success' - as formulated by Napoleon Hill, based on his extensive field research.

The research was originally sanctioned by the famed steel magnate Andrew Carnegie during the 1930's.

Looking back, the 'Law of Success' was essentially the first practical book I had read about the "secrets of success" during the late seventies or so. That was about time I was thrust into my first managerial position in the corporate world.

By the way, the original seventeen principles are:

1. Definiteness of Purpose

2. Mastermind Alliance

3. Applied Faith

4. Going the Extra Mile

5. Pleasing Personality

6. Personal Initiative

7. Positive Mental Attitude

8. Enthusiasm

9. Self-Discipline

10. Accurate Thinking

11. Controlled Attention

12. Teamwork

13. Learning from Adversity and Defeat

14. Creative Vision

15. Maintain Sound Health

16. Budgeting Time and Money

17. Cosmic Habitforce

Over the years, many of these principles had already been spinned off in different variations - but still retaining the original integrity - by many other subsequently successful authors/coaches who claimed to be offering the 'Ultimate Success Formula'. Anthony Robbins & Stephen Covey come to my mind as the most celebrated ones.

As a matter of fact, & interestingly, even the first of the "fourteen proven management principles" of famed quality guru Edwards Deming, i.e. 'Constancy of Purpose', somehow dovetails with the first 'Law of Success', i.e. 'Definiteness of Purpose'.

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