Tuesday, July 27, 2010


According to the book, ' The 10 Laws of Enduring Success', by financial journalist & CNBC anchor, Maria Bartiromo, who related the following inspiring story:

"Chris Gardner, the CEO of Gardner Rich & Co., whose remarkable story was the subject of the hit movie, 'The Pursuit of Happyness', [starring Will Smith & his real-life son, Jaden Christopher Smith] went from being a struggling salesman to losing his home to founding a multi-million $ Chicago investment firm - all while honouring a promise to always be there for his son.

A series of bad breaks left him homeless at one point. He had interviewed at every firm on Wall Street & finally been accepted into the Dean Witter training program, but he wasn't the most polished candidate. He still didn't have an apartment home.

I ask him "Did anybody at work in the Dean Witter training program know about your dire situation? Did people know there were nights that you actually slept under your desk?"

"No," he answered, "& they did not need to know. What they needed to know was that I showed up at work every day & I lit it up. Everyday I started out in the business doing retail brokerage, & that level of the business is all about numbers. That meant 200 phone calls a day. I knew that every time I picked up the phone, I was digging my way out of a hole & creating a better life for my children."

When I asked him the secret of his success, Chris said, "I honest-to-God believe, with all of my heart, that you've got to find something you absolutely love. Something that gets you so excited that you cannot wait for the sun to come up in the morning because you want to go do your thing. Money is the least significant aspect of wealth.

I've got one problem right now, Maria, that some of the richest people in the world do not have. That is, I cannot sleep at night because my face hurts from walking around smiling all day."

Wow! I certainly admire his singular laser-focus & extremely positive mental attitude.

[By the way, in the heart-warming movie, the real Chris Gardner had a brisk cameo role. The final scene was showing the reel Chris walking with the son down a street. His son was telling him a funny story, when a wealthy businessman in a suit walked past. The reel Chris sort of nodded his head as the man continued on.

The man in the suit was none other than the real Chris Gardner.]

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