Friday, July 30, 2010


I am glad I have stumbled upon the following, which brings back some sweet memories of my childhood experiences in Yong Peng, Johor, Malaysia.

During those periods of growing pains, my entertainment often came in the form of Rediffusion broadcasts, playing His Master's Voice gramophone (imagine all those stylus needles & plastic records!), listening to music from the now-defunct Telefunken radio (running on hot vacuum tubes) & going to the open-air make-shift movie roadshow (once a month) as well as the one & only air-conditioned movie theatre in town (air-conditioning was a true luxury!).

By the way, thanks to a connection from my good friend, Dilip Mukerjea, which led me to the following.

Voices From The Gramophone takes us on a musical journey back in time to the 30s to 50s, from Old Shanghai to Hong Kong, from Tokyo to Hollywood. The genie of the gramophone, Grammie and his guardian encounters 2 musically feuding sisters and showed them that music, whether its from the present or the past, isnt all that different after all.

The music of Zhou Xuan 周璇, Li Xiang Lan 李香蘭, Bai Guang 白光 and Ge Lan 葛兰 lives on!

[For more information, please proceed to this link.]

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