Tuesday, July 27, 2010


For me, I always power start my day with a good & hearty breakfast... comprising either steamed chee cheong fan [flat rice noodle rolls with sweet oyster sauce] or steamed yam cake or kway teow [rice noodles] soup or kway chap [flat rice noodles served in light soy sauce soup, with fatty pork, pig's innards, tau pok (fried beancurd), braised eggs & other side dishes, like salted vegetables] ... with teh-C to go... occasionally, either roti prata [crispy Indian-Muslim style flat dough-based pancake, normally served with hot chicken or vegetable curry] with teh tarik to go!

Once a week, I will throw in three half-boiled eggs with black soy sauce!

Once in a while, when my good friend Dilip Mukerjea drops in, we will often go for toasted bread with butter & kaya, plus teh-C to go, prior to our "pow-wow".

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