Friday, July 30, 2010

Sometimes you just got to learn to see things in a different light...

I have found the following snippet of information from a rather belated article by travel editor/commentator Ms Yeoh Siew Hoon [she runs SHY Ventures Pte Ltd., & her other writings can be found at;] interesting.

"Diana Ee Tan, the managing director of Raffles Hotels & Resorts, tells a story of how her daughter who was on a study trip to Cambodia was asked to locate a pair of shoes for a young Cambodian girl who had left them outside a temple.

“My daughter kept looking for a pair of the same shoes. When she couldn’t find it, the girl returned and she picked up two shoes which were different. My daughter said she would never forget that moment. It taught her about the things we take for granted in Singapore,” says Diana."

As Siew Hoon has put it, sometimes you just got to learn to see things in a different light.

[Readers can go to this link to read Siew Hoon's original article in its entirety.]

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