Tuesday, July 13, 2010


How do I know if I am a comprehensivist & not a mere generalist or harried multi-tasker?

[The term "comprehensivist" has its apparent origins from R Buckminster Fuller, who called himself a "comprehensive, anticipatory design scientist." Fuller was an American architect, engineer, inventor & visionary, who died in 1985.

To me, it denotes one who has the broad-based knowledge & extensive experience to be able to notice similar patterns & dynamics - connect all the dots, so to speak - across disparate as well as diverse fields of activity, & see the entire world as a complex inter-dependent system.

Bucky is truly a "comprehensivist". Today, his comprehensive thinking, his brilliant work & his many inventions, including the geodesic dome, continue to inspire builders, designers, artists, chemists, & cartographers.

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