Friday, July 30, 2010


• What is the time-lag between your confronting an issue & reaching a decision, & between having made the decision & taking action?

• Do you use the fewest possible people for the highest possible output in the most effective possible set-up?

• Are you in regular, personal contact with customers, & do you use the contact constructively to increase their satisfaction?

• Do you manage people policies in order to achieve rising productivity & employee satisfaction?

• Do you delegate fully & effectively, allowing your staff the freedom to do their best?

• Do you have one strong guiding principle?

• Do you concentrate on what you are really good at?

• Do you keep tight control over the "housekeeping", while allowing plenty of latitude in creative work?

[from the brilliant work of Tom Peters/Robert Waterman, based on the eight key attributes of business success, as originally outlined in their classic, 'In Search of Excellence':

1. Bias towards action
2. Simple structure and lean staffing
3. Continued contact with customers
4. Improved productivity via your people
5. Operational autonomy to stimulate entrepreneurship
6. Put emphasis on one key value
7. Stick to what you know best
8. "Loose-tight" controls]

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