Monday, July 19, 2010


"Education is the 'you' that emerges from the learning you do... My education is the mind I have constructed & my process of constructing it. Knowledge is part of my education only if it changes me. Knowledge does not improve my education unless it changes me for the better. It might make me more powerful, more insightful, more engaged with life. But I must become more interesting or useful to myself in some way or there's no improvement..."

~ James Marcus Bach, writing in his debut book, 'Secrets of a Buccaneer-Scholar: How Self-Education & the Pursuit of Passion can lead to a Lifetime of Success', which chronicles how he has acquired a great education & a good job without classroom instruction; at age 20, he became the youngest technical manager at Apple Computer without a degree; now in the 40's, he runs a successful technical consulting business;

[He defines a buccaneer-scholar as "anyone whose love of learning is not muzzled or shackled by any institution , or any authority; whose mind is driven to wander & find its own place in the world."]

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