Saturday, August 14, 2010


"We are in a time when significant change is needed for mankind... I don't mean technological change we already have enough of that. We need a significant economic, cultural and social evolution.

With such concerns as degradation of moral and ethical values, global warming (environmental concerns), complacency and stagnation (global economic problems, a substandard educational system, art and cultural creativity is in retrograde, limited free-thought, and so on...) and NOW, imprudence (incompetence runs the world, narrow focused thought, and a serious lack of vision), wastefulness of our resources, too much government intervention (Monarchy is dead, Nobility is dead, Democracy is dead, Socialism and Communism are dead), we need a revolutionary renaissance...

... Technology will not save us, only real convictions about our future will...

... We need out-of-the-box thinking, (the time is NOW to overcome this period of limited intellect). We are in a period like those who once thought of the world as flat. If we sail to far, we will fall off the edge on the far side.

As a powerful leader, I see no boundaries, no limits, only a distant horizon, I see beyond this vast sea of ostriches, and I long to push through to the other side..."

~ Richard Nusser, Entrepreneur, Businessman, Philosopher, Anthropologist, Artist/Photographer, Scholar, & Scientist;

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