Saturday, October 2, 2010


"Risk is what separates life's winners from losers - the survivors from the thrivers!

Success all comes down to a series of gambles: your ability to make positive choices at pivotal moments & to thrive on challenge & high levels of stress.

Sending out a resume; going on a job interview; asking that stranger on a date; the courage to pick up the phone & make a call that could change your life for the better - all of life's big decisions & defining moments require a talent for (& a willingness to) risk."

~ Wayne Allyn Root, founder & CEO of GWIN Inc., which is America's only publicly traded sports handicapping company; (GWIN specializes in developing & marketing sports handicapping advice & information via television); also, the author of 'The Zen of Gambling: Lessons from the World's Greatest Gambler';

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