Thursday, November 4, 2010


This is an extract from the book, 'Paradigm Matrix and Its Effects on Future Prosperity & Human Events', by coach Alan Walter, & also, founder of Knowledgism: Advanced Coaching & Leadership Centre:

Success is an inner state. Public acclaim does little to make you feel good if you, yourself, cannot acknowledge that a job has been well done.

In seeking success, being successful, and observing the success of others I observed a hidden quality common to many great successes: craftsmanship.


n. 1. Skill or ability in something, proficiency; expertise.

2. The art of functioning as a craftsman.


n. A master of a body of knowledge and skills to the degree that he produces, consistently, products of the highest quality.

To develop consistency of success, it is vital that one practice craftsmanship, whether it be in music, art, sports, writing, or business. To sustain success, one must master all aspects of one's chosen field.


Only you know the true quality of your existence; only you are your true judge.

· When you lie, you know you lied.
· When you do a poor job, you know it.
· When you fail to look up the words you don't understand, you know it.
· When you waste time, you must pay the price.
· When you pretend to do, or know, you cannot hide that pretense from yourself.
· When you break a promise and explain and justify your excuses, you know it.
· When you research and study an area poorly, you know.
· When money, bangles, baubles, and beads seduce you, you know.
· When you do a good job, you know.
· When you master a skill, you know.
· When you work on a liability until it's conquered, you know.
· When you are honest, you know it.

A basic law of success, then is: BE TRUE TO YOURSELF.

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