Wednesday, November 3, 2010

ULTIMATE SUCCESS FORMULA, according to coach Alan Walter

The following are the attributes of a power player... also needed for success in life & work:

1. Applies intelligence.

2. Pursues only an honest, worthy, big dream.

3. Has the knowledge, discipline, and duplication to maintain and expand his worthy dreams and those of others.

4 Has the ability to take, occupy and maintain a position and take charge.

5. Is a master communicator and uses his communication abilities to direct the flow of force particles in a positive manner.

6. Has abundant, upscale communication channels and contacts.

7. Delivers what he promises.

8. Duplicates, appreciates and acknowledges other's viewpoints, skills, dreams,
visions, plans, and wants.

9. Is honest. He trusts and respects himself and creates trust and respect in others.

10. Is a big producer.

11. Those connected to him and his area expand spiritually. They have bigger dreams, visions, plans, skills, and actions, are more prosperous and successful, and are healthier and happier.

12. He operates in a win-win manner.

[Source: Knowledgism - the corporate website of Alan Walter, a coach of champions & his Advanced Coaching & Leadership Center; it's a goldmine of information nuggets, especially for those who aspire to become knowledgists - a knowledgist is one who will always be the best he can be;]

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